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The Art of Fraudulent Fame

Having a jaw-dropping hidden talent might be moderately impressive, but nothing defines modern fame like being notable of virtually nothing.

Compensating for their lack of skill with pretty appearances or relations to actual standouts, more and more untalented individuals have been able to rocket to stardom.

Promotion through media exposure has proved to be the golden ticket to popularity for inept young stars such as Kylie Jenner, the boys of Magcon, and God knows why, Jacob Sartorius. I guess they technically earned their success, but instead of contributing a revolutionary solution to poverty everywhere, they are rewarded for being exceptionally gifted at lip-syncing or making a surplus of unamusing Vines.

It seems almost impossible to maintain a fandom of substantial size while simultaneously doing things that belittle them, but the media stars of today prove that it’s not only doable, but a piece of cake. Though certain celebrities can be applauded for showing appreciation to their fans or for using their popularity to help spread impactful messages, it seems as if the majority of these vain individuals only care about gaining momentum, even if it’s achieved through joking about serious issues. Too many big-headed adolescents get away with making homophobic or sexist comments and showing unacceptable behavior.

If there’s anything to learn from the modern methodology of rising to fame, it’s that the best way to gain notability is by being as shallowly unnotable as possible. 

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