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Seeing a movie could cost you everything

It’s the weekend, and you can’t figure out what to do. The idea of seeing a movie comes up, and you realize you can’t go to the theaters because you don’t have enough money. This is how it is nowadays, because going to the cinema is so expensive that everyone would rather wait for the release onto HBO On Demand, or even DVD.

Seeing a movie now is a luxury. We always hear stories of how the theaters cost a quarter “back in the day”, and compared to what the price is now, it seems to be something of legends.

Going to the movies used to be a weekend activity, but now the cost on the weekends is significantly larger than during the week. Mira Mesa Edwards new releases on weekends are now $16.50, because the theaters are more popular at this time. So rather than it being a weekend activity, it is now a monthly excursion.

However, in today’s world, we have streaming websites. Everyone can  watch movies for free on their computers, and yet the theaters raise their prices, expecting people to still come, when really the only thing they offer is better quality of screening and really expensive snack foods. So the question is, why spend the money?

I personally never really go to the movies any more. I wait for their release, or watch them online. It seems like such an inconvenience that the price is so high. Going to the movies used to be fun, but that money could be saved for something more important.

I find myself having to ask my parent for more money because I’m worried I won’t have enough for both a ticket and food. You end up becoming that person that arrives at the theater and begins to pull food from every pocket on your person.

I understand that movies cost more to make these days. With new technology and editing, there is also a higher demand for the best actors. But this is not a good way to raise sufficient funds. Everyone will most likely watch the movie at home anyways, instead of spending their money on glorified sound effects.

The experience of sitting in your seat, and waiting for the lights to dim and the film to start has been ruined by the increasing dollar amount you pay at the door. I just think that going to the movies isn’t worth what you pay for anymore.


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Morgan is a senior at Mt. Carmel High School. She is kept constantly busy with varsity field hockey, Hebrew school, swim team, and being the co-Editor in Chief of the MC Sun. She has a problem with watching too much TV, and eating an excessive amount of snacks. She knows the lyrics to practically every Billy Joel song, and doesn't care who knows. She also knows about most celebrities, and can answer your questions almost as fast as the internet.

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