Cartoon by Dean Hong

Beware the signs of January: an analysis of ill-fit romance

A little originality can take you a long way. Students with signs asking dates to any dance has become a fad. This is the  most unoriginal way to ask a person to a dance, simply because of the lack of creativity.

Adding a pun to your sign doesn’t make it any better. The creativity that takes someone to ask another to a dance is displayed by someone holding a piece of construction paper with a lame ass pun is 90% of how people are being asked to dances.

Where is the romance in all of it? People are no longer buying flowers or chocolates for one another. People are simply satisfied with construction paper! Not to sound cliche, but people used to write songs or poems to ask a date to a dance.

Consequently, every single person has to immediately post a picture asking the other person out on Instagram. Is it really necessary for every person who follows you to see you had the nerve to ask someone out to a dance?

Cartoon by Dean Hoang
Cartoon by Dean Hoang

Did I not get the the memo that the only “cool” way to ask someone was to put it on a piece of paper instead of growing a pair and actually asking the person? If someone were about to be proposed to (male or female), how would they feel that their partner asked them with a slightly decorated sign and a pun?

Originality isn’t completely dead at MC. We have some people who are discreet and actually ask the person they like out to the dance with roses and flowers, but only a rare few can be found.

The message to be received is to not be afraid to stray away from the social norm. Just because the quarterback of the football team asked his date with a sign that says “You’re the perfect one,” doesn’t mean you’re dictated to follow in his footsteps. Taking initiative and coming up with a creative and original way to ask a date is a million times better than the social norm.

Written by Daniel Kenney

Daniel Kenney is a junior at MC. He loves to hang out with friends on the weekend. He also likes to play baseball for MC. He loves his family, thanks them everyday for what they've done for him. Danny also enjoys long walks on the beach, and fishing with friends.

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