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Thirteen years after 9/11

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Thirteen years ago, when I was 3 years old, a terrible gloom settled over our nation as countless lives were lost. New York was filled with screaming civilians blinded by fear they had never identified with before. The freedom we so frequently take for granted will be never free. As Americans, we need to recognize those that make freedom accessible to us, and even to strive to be like the heroes who saved lives. You cannot help but get teary eyed when everyday people become our brothers and sisters in crisis. In my heart, I feel connected to these individuals, although I have never met them. Why? Because we all share one major common interest; we are Americans. We mourn, we weep, and we feel angry about what happened on that day, but we also get through things together as a nation.  “We will remember those we lost. And we will be stronger. That’s the nature of people who get through a crisis: It either breaks them or makes them stronger.” (Rudy Guiliani, Mayor of New York during 9/11)

There is no justification for what happened those years ago, but America decided to respond positively. We built a monument on a place where tragedy occured. That’s what separates us from other countries; we become stronger after tragedy. We get back up after getting pushed down.

Ask anybody, 9/11 was the biggest crisis modern America had ever experienced as country. But, they will also tell you about how it unifies Americans in ways that has never occurred before. Pictures and footage on 9/11 show sadness, loss, all of those things. But when you look closely, you will see teamwork, strength, and bravery. Even at my age, this day is symbolic to me, and it is to be taken very seriously. People of every race unite on this day,  expressing their patriotism by remembering this event.

A nation built on values of integrity, liberty, and sheer ingenuity will never cower in fear, but be strong when faced with hardships. This unjustifiable attack will always be remembered. It will be remembered as the day when we lived up to the title “America the brave.” No terrorist, hardship, or war will ever separate me from my country because I am proud to be an American.


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