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MORP watch out when the lights are out

Photographer || Zac Solomon
Photographer || Zac Solomon

Morp, One of the great dances that many schools offer every year. Students come in very loose attire but nothing too far fetched.  Teachers may have gone too far on the objectivity females can present at this dance. Prime example of undermined thinking was in 2002 when Rita Wilson, former VP of Rancho Bernardo High, had thong checks at RBHS to make sure women were not wearing any provocative lingerie to the school dance.  Later demoted down to the level of teacher, many parents and students were outraged she was still allowed 200 feet within school-grounds.

Likewise, students need to understand that teachers are not your parents and they cannot restrict you on your behavior that is not against any school rules. Another idea is the fact that there is no law or rule in the school that chain to say no to dancing anyway you like.

This problem goes back to the idea of pro-choice and what we as free Americans can do. If a woman chooses to come to a dance in a looser outfit than normal who are people to say that she cannot do what she wants. Worry about yourself and do what you think is right.

School dances are offered at a cost and are there to support ASB and the school. If staff were to restrain the idea of having school dances due to “loose” dancing many school opportunities would be missed, such as pep rallies, meet-ups with friends, and plenty of fun.

One of the many reasons students go to dances is to be with friends. Not all of the students that go to dances are there to grind. The school doesn’t declare dances as Grindfest 2014 but rather they call them Blacklight Dance or A Pixar Perfect Night. Students go to the dances to be with friends and hang out. Dances are a night to remember, not to be chained by the School Board of Education with tons of rules and regulations on what we can wear. Given there should be a little modesty such as not going to the dance naked. They should also have restriction on kids practically having sex on the dance floor but dances should not be taken away from those who are there for some fun with friends.

Morp is the night for fun with friends and can be a way of expressing yourself no matter the way you dress or act. Be yourself and don’t worry about what other people have to say.

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