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Con: Physical Discipline

Looking back, it’s easy to find satisfaction in the accomplishments of our country. We’ve survived national tragedies and heartwarming miracles, and now here we are in 2013 legalizing gay marriage and addressing other vital social issues. Each year we pride ourselves on the evolution we’ve made as a society both politically and otherwise. Yet, despite the progress we’ve made or the obstacles we’ve overcome, a debate that continues to plague our society is that of physical discipline.

Physical discipline is the act of physically harming someone in order to prove or create an understanding of a point. It is also remnant of an era in which physical actions against someone were deemed a norm rather than abuse. These days, lifting a hand towards a child means attracting the attention of child services or the humane society rather than silence.

With today’s studies, the trauma that is left behind from physical discipline presents a lasting effect on the development of child.

Even now, people continue to defend their choices in saying that their actions are harmless. But whether it is spanking, slapping or punching physical discipline takes a toll on both the body and mind; something that is often forgotten. The emotional scarring that is paired with physical pain immensely magnifies the severity of this type of “discipline”.

Physical discipline can also be categorized as abuse and according to author Douglas Besharov, “Emotional abuse is an assault on the child’s psyche, just as physical abuse is an assault on a child’s body.”

The American Humane Association goes on to agree with Besharov and explain the importance of stopping this form of violence.

“Emotionally abused children often growing up thinking that they are deficient in some way. A continuing tragedy of emotional abuse is that, when these children become parents, they may continue the cycle with their own children,” American Humane Association said.

Evidentially, the act of physical discipline alone is enough to spark a chain reaction that has the possibility to take effect on a child’s later life and in some cases lead to domestic violence in adulthood. It is reasons like this and many more that people and organizations have been aggressive on voicing their opinions to the nation.

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