Column: Changes

Last weekend as I sat and painted my nails my favorite shade of OPI red. A nail polish that has been featured on my fingertips since freshman year, I started to think about all the things that have changed since freshman year and subsequently all the things that haven’t.


For instance, I no longer wear pink miniskirts with mismatched socks out in public, I don’t carry around an elephant sized back pack to each of my classes, and I no longer wear sparkles for eye shadow because I now know that it is actually trashy.


Aside from the obvious and horrendous physical features that have changed, I’ve noticed other changes around me too. The students in high school that everyone obsessed over freshman year are now old news, my peers now seem to possess real dreams about their future that they plan to achieve. It feels as if everyone is starting to realize that there is a life after high school and the future is really ours to take.


Many things these past four years have stayed constant. At seventeen years old, I still have to raise my hand to go to the bathroom, which in my opinion is really dumb. The teachers should know better than to think that I am not going to ditch school and go smoke some crack whenever I feel the urge to use the facilities.



Another thing, I still have to clean my room, I can’t stay out past curfew unless I want to face the wrath of my mother, and I still have to have a glass of milk with dinner. I still have to do vocabulary sentences in school and I mean really what does that even do? It’s not like I am ever going to use the word “cantankerous” in my everyday vocabulary.


The hand dryers in the girl’s bathroom still don’t work, most of the school lockers still won’t open, couples still make out by the performing arts center, but the biggest thing that has altered is the attitude around the school.


I am a senior. I have one more year here then I’m gone. If anyone would have asked me last year if I was excited for senior year, I would have replied with a “Hell no, I want to get out of here!” Now it seems that I actually enjoy coming to school.


People aren’t hanging on to the petty stuff that happened freshman year that nobody wants brought up any more. Everyone seems like they have swallowed that chill pill and stopped giving a care what everyone else is doing around them and started to focus on themselves.


Everyone here at MC has such a bright future ahead of them, and it seems like that has finally set in for the senior class. Why care about what Betsy is smoking before math class when you can care about what is happening in your own life?


By this time next year, my graduating class and I won’t even be here. So it is that much more important to enjoy the time that we have here that much more. People might think that the thing that changes the most around this school is the bell schedule, but they would be wrong, the thing that changed the most here is the people themselves.

Written by Speedy Gonzalez

Speedy is the Editor of the most entertaining section, the Entertainment section. Raised by wolves, he is always hungry for another taco. He plans on attending either Oxford College or Cambridge University. He aspires to be the first human to visit Saturn. His favorite meal is burritos and churros. He is a Senior.