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Drug bust at Westview shakes up district

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On April 5, seven students from Westview High School were detained for the possession of marijuana. The students were caught and questioned as a result of an anonymous tip.

The students — four minors and three 18-year-olds — were taken into custody by undercover San Diego police detectives in the 12500 block of El Camino Real in Torrey Highlands about 8:30 a.m,”  SDPD Sgt. Wes Albers said.

This is not the first time students have been caught with drugs in PUSD. For example, Poway High School had undercover cops investigate the school in April 2013.

According to “Authorities arrested 16 people Tuesday, including a Poway High student on campus, in connection with a yearlong undercover drug operation at Poway.”

The drug bust itself did not happen on campus, but the students had been distributing paraphenelia at the front of the school. The students weren’t the only carriers of contraband that day.

According to, “After detaining the students, the officers searched two vehicles parked near the campus, finding marijuana paraphernalia and remnants of used cannabis.”

On the California ranked list of violence and drugs, Westview High School placed low on the scale.

According to CBS 8, “On the California Department of Education website, a school’s violence and drug rate is determined by the number of suspensions and expulsions, divided by the number of students enrolled at a particular campus.”

The police have made their final statements and the drug bust has ended. Nobody was hurt and the students have been detained. No other problems have arisen since.

Written by Daniel Kenney

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