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MC Faces Threat of Gun Violence

Students, parents, and staff members at MC were notified of a possible gun threat that became apparent last night.
The social media image in question circulated via Instagram at approximately 10:08 PM after concerned students began taking action to bring attention to the situation. Various members of the community eventually notified local law enforcement regarding the probable threat.
MC administration has worked together with concerned families, students as well as the San Diego Police Department to guarantee the safety of students and staff on campus.
This morning as the students showed up for their day at school, they were greeted by assistant principal Colin Young and Officer Gary McPhee of the San Diego Police Department.
“I can’t give you any details,” McPhee said. “But everything has been taken care of and everything was handled last night.”
The officer declined to make any other comment or release any further information regarding the issue.
Though it has not been officially confirmed by administration or law enforcement officers, various anonymous students have speculated that the officer’s reference to the neutralization of the threat last night may indicate that the student in concern was taken into custody.
Parents and students alike responded to the situation immediately, many by refusing to send their children to school until they deemed the situation safe.
Parents of students that are currently on campus are encouraging their children to keep them informed of the situation and confirm that they are in fact safe. Their concerns became apparent through students’ thoughts on social media as well.
MC senior Triana Marigasan tweeted, “literally no one will be at school because of these threats”.
Principal Greg Magno called the homes of Sundevil families this morning notifying them that at this point there is no threat. The MC Principal sent out an informatory email to parents and staff at 7:29 AM as well as making a formal announcement via school-wide intercom at 7:40 AM.
Magno’s email to the staff and families is as follows:
“There was an incident late last night where social media was used to circulate a threat about the school. Because of our community’s willingness to report early and often, Mt. Carmel Administration and SDPD were able to work through the early morning to investigate this incident. As a result of the quick investigation, SDPD have notified us that the person responsible for the social media posting has been addressed by SDPD. SDPD and school administration will be working together today to further investigate the person responsible for this posting.
“At this time San Diego Police have stated that there is no threat to the school, related to this posting.
I would like to thank our community for their willingness to report, and because of this we were able to work in short time to address the situation.”
Throughout first period, various members of administration including but not limited to Principal Greg Magno, Assistant Principal Colin Young, Assistant Principal Katie Salo and Assistant Principal Sara Ramirez were circulating around campus attempting to inform, reassure and answer the questions of both students and staff members on campus.
Various students who wished to remain anonymous voiced their concerns regarding the potential threat.
“One cop! I feel so safe,” MC senior Nicole Glidden said.
The MC SUN is currently awaiting a formal statement from Principal Greg Magno.

Written by Priyanka Shreedar

Priyanka is a senior and news editor for the MC SUN. She spends her time running long distances as a varsity cross country and track athlete, yet despite all her training, Priyanka has yet to conquer her mortal enemy: stairs.

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