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Carl DeMaio vs Scott Peters

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Today, voters will rush to the polls to choose between Republican Carl DeMaio and  Democrat Scott Peters for California’s 52nd representative to congress. Several MC’s students intern for these candidates, creating more of a public awareness and interest in our student body.

Recently, DeMaio has been charged with allegations regarding sexual harassment. DeMaio has since denied these allegations. Commonly referred to as a “New Generation Republican,” DeMaio would be the first openly gay Republican in Congress. He also faces accusations of being a “tea party extremist”because he receives financial support for his campaign from the Koch brothers.

Incumbent Scott Peters was also faced with difficulties after being  harassed for being what many consider heinously wealthy. Also, Peters was accused of being involved with and promoting DeMaio’s sexual harassment scandal.

Since September, polls have suggested DeMaio and Peters are very close in the running, so the outcome is largely unpredictable.

Junior Ian Lemersal interns for  Carl DeMaio, and describes the competition between the two as less than amiable.

“A lot of diss campaigns and negative ads are going around,” said Lemersal. “Most aren’t actually true. But I’d say from my standpoint it seems unfriendly.”

Senior Peter Santiago interns for Peters, and describes his political standpoint. “He supports the ‘no budget, no Pay’ idea, which makes sure congress does their jobs.”

On the other hand, DeMaio supports a Fix Congress First proposal: “Carl wants the congress members to be held accountable for decisions they make instead of the public,” said Lemersal.

The race for a new congressman presses on. The polls don’t hint a lead by either particular candidate yet, but tonight the final ballot count will provide California with an answer.

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