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Shuta Retires as Principal’s Secretary

Photoprapher | Marianna McMurdock
Photographer | Marianna McMurdock

By Mike Andrews & Uma Vaingankar

Unfortunately, yet again, MC is losing another beloved staff member.

“I’m going to miss Mt. Carmel but I’m very excited to be retiring,” Judy Shuta said.

Shuta is a hardworking staff member who was the principal’s administrative assistant. She managed a lot of things for Mrs. Kastner.

“I assist in the principal in her daily duties,” she said. “It’s something new and interesting each day.”

She has worked at MC for the past 18 years and worked in the district for a total of 25 years. Four of her daughters also went to MC, so she is a Sundevil in every way.

This past year, she says she enjoyed her time with Mrs. Kastner.

“Mrs. Kastner is a very people-oriented person and very involved in Mt. Carmel so I’ve certainly enjoyed my time with her.”

Over the years, MC has become a big part of her life.

“[I’m going to miss] everything being so interesting and each day being so new; a new day brings new situations, new events, new problems to solve, new people to see, and places to go- that’s my favorite. There’s so much variety and every day has challenge,” Shuta said.

MC and it’s environment has made a huge impact on her life.

“Im gonna miss the people, the students, the activities, and just the Sundevil spirit,” she said. “I’ve worked with five different principals and I have learned something new from each of them. They each leave a thumbprint on Mt. Carmel.”

As she reflects on the past years, she has realized that MC shaped her as a person.

“I’ve learned a lot about people and how to communicate with people in a way to help them,” she said. “Show everyone respect and do the best you can to be helpful and serve others”

Now that she enters into her retirement, Shuta has a vague idea of what she is going to do in the future. She plans to travel, spend time with her family and six grandchildren, and sleep in.

“Once a Sundevil, always a Sundevil.”

Written by Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews was born on September 15th 1996 in Boulder, Colorado. At the age of two he moved with his family to San Diego, California. He joined the MC Sun newspaper during junior year and became the editor of the opinions section, starting his senior year. He enjoys many hobbies including model building, role-play gaming and anime.