Photo courtesy of Lindy Verhage.

MC’s 2016 Blood Drive

Photo courtesy of Lindy Verhage.
Photo courtesy of Lindy Verhage.

Tuesday, Oct. 4, MC’s Key Club joined with the Red Cross Club to run yet another successful blood drive, partnered with the Red Cross. All day, students and staff ventured to room M1 to give up about an hour of their time and a pint of their blood.

Denise Coughlin, senior account manager for the Red Cross, works with various high schools and universities to help organize blood drives all year. Coughlin helped with last year’s blood drive as well and although this year they were in a smaller room, they didn’t have a shortage of donors.

“So far all the donors who signed up have shown up,” Coughlin said. “But with your school, people who don’t have appointments are already showing up to try to donate.”

This blood drive was especially critical because the Red Cross has experienced a serious blood shortage, lasting much longer than expected.

“We have had an extended critical shortage that has lasted longer than we anticipated. There still is somewhat a residual with the blood shortage,” Coughlin said. “Usually the blood shortages end when school comes back but we haven’t seen that this year.”

With 30% of donors coming from high schools and universities, breaks in the school year often coincide with blood shortages.

“Any blood we collect will go straight on the shelves and straight to the hospital,” Coughlin said.

Senior Chloe Nguyen participated as a volunteer for her third time.

“I’ve volunteered in past blood drives and I’ve found this event to be really exciting and impact a lot of people,” Nguyen said. “I think it’s important to come out.”

Senior Jacob Epping was a second time donor and shares Nguyen’s sentiments.

“I think a minor inconvenience like getting pricked by a needle is worth saving a few lives for,” Epping said.

Just one donation can save three people and with over 60 donors, the students and staff of MC helped save more than 100 lives. A second blood drive will occur in early January for those who were unable to participate this time.

Written by Lindy Verhage

Lindy is a Senior at MC and the Sun's Editor in Chief. She enjoys long-winded, antiquated idioms, big dogs that think they are small dogs, and traveling to local bookstores. She is an ambidextrous ice cream scooper and advocator of siestas.

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