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And your 2016-2017 ASB class is…

It’s election season here at MC and thankfully it hasn’t been reflective of the presidential elections. All the candidates were courteous and kind as they vied for the coveted roles that help make MC what it is today. The votes from last week’s elections have been counted and recounted and the results have been decided.

ASB executives:

ASB president: Chloe Nguyen

Vice president:  Bianca Velasco

Secretary: Jana Lee

Treasure:  Daniel Shabsin

Pep Commissioner: Alissa Penaranda

Inter-Club Council: Timothy Oh

Community Commissioner: Gracie Hard

Class executives:

Senior Class President: Triana Marasigan

Senior Class Vice President: Joshua Hoch

Junior Class President: Megan Vildibill

Junior Class Vice President: Makenna Rodriguez

Sophomore Class President: Kylie Heinzman

Sophomore Vice President: Shawna Dalupan

The main difference between these two positions lies in their title. ASB executives take care of ASB, and Class executives take care of their Class. ASB executives control the student program’s budget for the year and preside over all ASB issues.

Class executives, however have a few more specific roles. Senior, and current ASB elections commissioner, Melody Guzman broke it down into simpler terms.

“Class is more individual like  what they want to do as a class and what they want to spend their money on,” Guzman said, “For instance the junior class spend their money on prom and are in charge of planning it. For seniors our money goes to black light, and graduation, and stuff like that.”

But as MC welcomes its new class of representatives, Sundevils must say goodbye to their seniors. After dedicating their time here at MC it’s important to recognize and thank them in making this school what it is.

Photo courtesy Michelle Kutsanov
Photo courtesy Michelle Kutsanov

Written by Lindy Verhage

Lindy is a Senior at MC and the Sun's Editor in Chief. She enjoys long-winded, antiquated idioms, big dogs that think they are small dogs, and traveling to local bookstores. She is an ambidextrous ice cream scooper and advocator of siestas.

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