Mr. Currie wins teacher of the year

Chianne Mallari | Photographer
Chianne Mallari | Photographer

Every year, the staff at MC names someone to be teacher of the year, who then represents MC at a district level competition. Last year, Mike Bird was voted the best teacher on campus by the faculty.

This year, that title goes to Scott Currie, one of the most beloved teachers on campus.

“It was wonderful – a huge surprise. I taught at this school for 39 years and never got any recognition in any way, so it was kind of like whoa,” Currie said. “It’s one thing to be recognized by your students as a good teacher, that’s cool, but when your peers see that too, that’s really nice.”

Currie never really expected to win after being passed over for all of his years, and finally winning was a validating experience for him.

“This school is chock full of good teachers, but there are so many good teachers, how do you make it so you can recognize each and every single one. I don’t think every year I was passed over [people thought] I was a bad teacher. It just feels really nice to be recognized.”

He teaches some of his favorite subjects, and the relationship he develops with students enhances the experience because of the human aspect of it.

“I totally love working with people, whatever career I did I would have been working with people, and I enjoy young people, and I feel that the curriculum that I have in honors humanities and british literature is just great stuff. It’s stuff that people should know in order to be culturally literate and I think that stuff is fantastic stuff for me to be able to share with students stuff that I love.”

During his time teaching at MC, he used the topics he teachers as a way to bond with students, and he says it is one of the things he will miss the most about MC when he retires next year.

“The cool thing about teaching the honors humanities and British literature classes, is more than just the curriculum comes up in normal conversation, and you get to know the students, so they have become my friends.”

Although he is leaving us next year, he will definitely be remembered as one of the best teachers on campus.

Written by Brandon Noyes

This year is Bradon's first year on staff, where he is a writer. He is in Science Olympiad, Speech and Debate, and is on the swim team. Brandon enjoys skiing, sailing, and eating most foods.

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