Chianne Mallari | Photographer

Amy Moran: Brimming Success

Chianne Mallari | Photographer
Chianne Mallari | Photographer

Many college-bound students have high goals for the future, which tend to be limited by student debt. For few, this worry is diminished by scholarships.

Senior Amy Moran is one of those selected to receive a full-ride scholarship to UCSD.

“The Jacobs scholarship is given to engineering students,” Moran said.  “About ten people actually accept [the scholarship] out of forty who receive it. This covers basically everything.”

This honor was not the result of pure luck, as Moran spent her four high school years engaged in her studies.

“I had a huge part in MC’s band, playing the flute and being a section leader,” Moran said. “I also was on track and field, science olympiad, and key club; I tried to be well-rounded.”

Those who push themselves to academic achievement deserve to be honored with scholarships.

“It’s really nice to be rewarded for my work, and I don’t think it’s something that is unattainable for other people,” Moran said.

While senior year marks the end of high school, college will be a challenge that won’t come with ease.

“I still have to work hard in college and keep a high GPA,” Moran said. “Lots of people in the program are really bright.”

With this scholarship, many opportunities are created for those who receive it.

“Lots of people worry a lot about debt after college and student loans,” Moran said. “It’s really nice not having to worry about it. It will give me the chance to do what I like in college, like if I want to travel, that is open [for me to do].”

Many students find themselves falling behind in school and never know how to get back up. One of the best ways to receive an academic reward is through perseverance

“Keep working hard in school and find your passions,” Moran said. “College applications are important but they shouldn’t give you too much stress. Don’t worry too much and have a good experience.”

Moran plans on majoring in chemical engineering next year at UCSD, where she will spend her four years working towards a triumphant future.

Written by Laura Loomis

Laura is a senior at MC and news editor on the SUN staff. Besides a passion for chickens and ranch houses, she enjoys the unpredictable nature of life.

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