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Senior Assassin – sleuthing for success

Senior Year. The year that marks an end to one chapter of our lives and leads into another. This legendary year is what students spend most of their high school career working to reach. With the prospects of prom, graduation and college dangling overhead, the year often holds the title of being one of the most memorable times of our lives. But amongst those things, one of the perhaps most underrated senior privileges has just begun at MC – Senior Assassin.

Senior Assassin is a time old tradition at MC that puts the skills of strategy and team work to the ultimate test during this final stretch towards graduation.

“Senior Assassin is a game intended to bring people closer to one another by giving them objectives and missions that require teamwork,” Senior Simon Sabir said.

Accompanying Sabir, senior Jake Patawaran joined him in following the footsteps of past Senior Assassin coordinators.

“We decided to take control because no matter what it was going to happen,” Sabir said. “So rather than having it disorganized and where people could potentially get injured we wanted it to be in the best interest of everybody.”

While the idea of revamping such a tradition may seem daunting to most, Patawaran and Sabir both approached the game with a confidence and goal to make this senior activity as memorable as possible.

“We felt like we knew what we were doing… and we still think we know what we’re doing,” Patawaran said.

With their minds combined, the duo has effectively masterminded an improved version of the game.

“They work with each other [unlike past games] because it’s usually just a one person game and very individual,” Patawaran said. “There were twenty one teams of five – that’s how it started”.

Rather than the traditional every-man-for-himself philosophy, this year’s creators have created a spin that demands the strategy of a high functioning team. While the details of each hit are confidential and unique to each individual kill, the process of staying in the game remains consistent.

“We have a network of assignments and know who’s assigned to who,” Sabir said. For example one team might be assigned to report to Jake and another might have to report to myself and then theyjust send in picture proof via Facebook message or text message”.

With such organization, the game has raged on for weeks now with methodical kills taking place all over the city.

“It does end. It ends around June 3rdish – or well its scheduled to end,” Patawaran said.

But what exactly comes of all this work when the game ends? Unfortunately that information is classified.

“The people who win? We’ll have to wait and find out,” Sabir said.

“Now that is a secret.”







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Tia Simawang is a junior and the Features Editor. Tia is known for her erratic and constant giggling as well as her bubbly personality. But don't let that fool you because she is also well versed in the art of sarcasm. Born into a family of four, Tia has one brother who serves as her role model in life. She hates caramel and loves cheese and while she may not intially admit it, she's a tv addict who refuses to get help. When not in school, Tia plays lacrosse for MC and devotes her other spare time to the MC Sun, friends and tumblr. In the future, she hopes to get into a great college and eventually pursue a career that will let her experience living on the east coast or London.

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