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Red Out rally

Marianna McMurdock | Photo Editor

By Chloe Heinz

On Friday, August 30th, we had first pep rally of the 2014-2015 school year. Here’s a quick recap on how it all went down.

The theme this year was coastal, complete with decorations made by ASB such as signs above each class’s section, balloons strung across the ceiling, and a big sun hanging above the blow-up tunnel.

“Preparing for the pep rally took a couple weeks, and the night before we were setting up the gym from six p.m. until midnight,” sophomore Bianca Velasco said.

Christine Bradley and Nathan Dunford played the role as the announcers.

They kicked off the pep rally with the legendary sundevil tradition: a scream-off between all of the classses. Then all of the fall varsity athletic teams made an entrance through the tunnel. Shortly after, the teams entertained the crowd with creative videos they put together that showcased each player on the team.

The cheerleaders then performed an enthusiastic routine with multiple stunts incorporated into it.

The object of the first game was to have one player eat five saltine crackers as fast as possible, then run back and tag the next player who had to eat a donut off of a string. The third player had to eat through a plate of whipped cream to find a piece of gum, and the first one to blow a bubble was declared the winner. In the end, the seniors from both assemblies won the food challenge.

Next, Dance Troupe took the floor and gave the performance they had prepared.

“We did a jazz dance that we learned at our dance camp this year. We worked on it for like a month,” co-captain and junior Monica Lopez-Esteban said.

Next, one student from each class volunteered to participate in the next relay game. The contestants raced to put on grass skirts, floaties, and a coconut bra. The class of 2017 pulled out a win in the first pep rally, and the class of 2015 won in the second one.

The seniors earned the most spirit points from this pep rally with a score of 350, then the sophomores following with a score of 175, then the juniors with 100, and lastly the freshman with 75 points.

Next, the b-boys executed the dance they had choreographed themselves, even ­including some stunts involving their jackets twisted together as a prop. As the b-boys transitioned off, the Modern Identity dancers took the floor.

“My favorite part of the pep rally was definitely Modern Identity, they were so good,” sophomore Madi Hobbs said.

Marianna McMurdock | Photo Editor

Color guard put their show next, spinning purple flags.

 Lastly, the pep rally came to a close after we sang the fight song.

“In my three years at Mt. Carmel this was by far the loudest, most energetic and fun to watch pep rally yet and will be tough to top,” junior Jordan O’keefe said. “It was a great way to kick off what is going to be a great year.”

Check out for more photos of the pep rally and first football game of the season.

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