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Jazz band jams with Emmy and Grammy winner Arturo Sandoval

Photo Credit | Gianna Gonzales

Co-written by Gianna Gonzales

On Thursday evening MC’s Jazz Band played with world renowned trumpet player Arturo Sandoval.

Sandoval was born in Cuba and learned to play trumpet at age 12. Inspired by jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie, Sandoval left Cuba to tour the US.

“My favorite part of the concert was probably the last song where Arturo Sandoval came out and we played ‘hard, loud, and fast’ and he played ‘hard, loud, and fast’ which was super exciting because it was full of energy,” junior alto sax player Kyle Myers said.

Half of the songs the MC jazz band played were written by Sandoval and he accompanied them while playing.

“For the past three or four weeks; we have been practicing everything, all the music we were going to play with him,” Myers said. “It was kind of tough, but right before the concert [Sandoval] showed up and rehearsed with him for a bit.”

Sandoval’s experience with the jazz band impacted not only the students but him as well.

“Oh this is the future,” Sandoval said. “Of course this is extremely important to keep the tradition, to embrace the legacy of wonderful jazz music that we got from many great artists. It really makes a wonderful contribution to this music and we must respect and embrace and continue that tradition of jazz and making music.”

Before the concert many of the students had some one on one time to personally work with Sandoval.

“It was really incredible, I got to have some heart to heart time and just hearing about his story and really getting to talk to him was really an honor because of his history and knowledge,” Myers said.

After working with the students, Sandoval left them some advice.

“Music is bound to your soul, when you are close to the music you’re heart also has a good connection” Sandoval said. “Because of this, I guarantee you will be a happier person if you are close to music.”

It isn’t every day that MC has a celebrity visit. However, celebrity or not, MC’s jazz band keeps on playing and working to achieve new heights.

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