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Girls volleyball and field hockey movie night fundraiser

Half way into the first trimester, Fall sports are in full swing, but many teams are struggling with funds.

This year, girls volleyball and girls field hockey are teaming up to garner support.

In an attempt to raise funds, girls volleyball and girls field hockey  will be hosting a movie night in Sundevil stadium on Friday Oct. 10th.

“We hope to raise money for our program since it is continuing to grow every year. To accommodate for this growth, the money will go towards equipment, transportation fees, refs, and other expenses we need to cover to keep our program running,” sophomore field hockey player Christine Crasto said.

Both the volleyball girls and the field hockey girls have high hopes for this critical fundraiser.

“Lacrosse had their fundraiser last year and earned so much money. We are hoping to do the same,” junior volleyball player Destiny Tuangco said.

Both teams give their thanks to the Shepard family for making this fundraiser possible.  Lindsay Shepard is a volleyball player while sister Jenna Shepard plays field hockey.

“Our teammate Jenna Shepard’s family owns Fun Flix and was kind enough to let us use their equipment to host this fundraiser,” Crasto said.

Students and staff are reassured that the event will be fun for all who decide to come.

“We’ll be showing the movie ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ on a big inflatable screen in the stadium,” Crasto said. “Refreshments will be available!”

“It’ll be a fun time to hang out with your friends. Rita’s is coming and selling its stuff and we’ll have lots of concessions,” Tuangco said. “We’ll even have inflatable jumpies and slides. ”

Instead of competing with each other, the teams thought it wise to work together.

“The profit made from the fundraiser will be split between both teams evenly,” Tuangco said.

Interested in going? It’s not too late to buy your tickets.

“People can buy tickets from any field hockey or girls volleyball player. We will also be selling at the door, so it’s not too late to buy tickets!” Crasto said.

The movie starts at seven in the evening, while the gates open at five.  The MC volleyball team and field hockey team welcomes you with open arms and invites you to come out for a great night.


About Steven Hong

Steven Hong
Steven is now a senior at MC, and Co-Editor-In-Chief of the MC Sun. He enjoys playing volleyball and has been playing it for a number of years now. Besides volleyball, Steven enjoys to eat in his free time. He loves Italian food, Hot Cheetos, and anything that's high in sodium.

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