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Accident on Springbrook Drive

Mil Petrero Rd.
Photo credit || Google Maps

On Monday April 28, a middle aged man was hit by a car by a 29 year old female on Springbrook Drive in Sabre Springs.

A family living two houses down from the accident were privy to the events that occurred.

“I heard breaks screeching and a loud thumping noise. A woman started screaming and running to the scene,” Karen Leitner, mother of Freshman Jade Lleitner, said. “I saw two people on their phones calling 911.”

Also close to the accident was Misty Cedrun, a police officer who works for the San Diego Police Department.

“I ran out of the house, got to the end of the street, and I saw a vehicle facing down the street,” Cedrun said. “There was a gentleman around sixty years old who was laying on his right side.”

After Cedrun arrived at the scene, she described the state of the man who had been hit.

“His scalp had torn a little bit away from the back of his head, there was a lot of bleeding going on in his head, and his face was bloody. It appeared he had broken bones in both of his legs.”

Once Cedrun arrived at the scene, she began to take action.

“The scene was chaos,” Cedrun said. “I applied pressure to the back of his wound. I’m asking if he’s on medication, if he can talk to me, while in trying to direct people to get the street blocked off.”

The 29 year old woman who had hit the man was standing nearby.

“She was hysterically crying,” said Cedrun. “The speed limit on the hill is 40 miles per hour. She hit him going about 30 to four miles per hour. The sun was in her eyes and it was purely just an accident.”

Jade Leitner, freshman at MC, was inside her house, two doors from the street, while the accident occurred.

“One of my neighbors said that there was a lot of blood and that I didn’t want to see it,” Leitner said. “I felt scared for his family and just hoped that he would be okay.”

After the ambulances had arrived, the man was taken to an emergency room.

“He is expected to survive his injuries but he was very [seriously] critically wounded,” Cedrun said.

This accident serves as a reminder to citizens to remember to drive safely.

“You always want to try and see if police officers can conduct speed enforcement,” Cedun said.

Cars driving down and pedestrians crossing the street have now gotten a closer look into the dangerous accidents that occur, even if not on purpose, due to the middle aged man who received fatal injuries crossing Springbrook Drive.

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Meaghan Caskey is a freshman at MC and is known for making ugly faces and drinking way too many smoothies than a fifteen year old girl should consume. Meaghan competes nationally at Irish dancing and on the weekends can be found at the beach scuba diving, or hanging out with her four cats. She loves to travel and see new sights and hopes to move to Europe in the future.

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