NYC beating by a vicious biker gang

From: New York Post
From: New York Post

On Sept. 19, Alexian Lien’s one year wedding anniversary, a pack of bikers pummeled his vehicle after a traffic quarrel escalated into a high-speed chase around Manhattan, New York.

Lien allegedly hit one biker after he had been cut off, which resulted in no injury or damage to either vehicle. Lien did not feel safe, and fled the scene, driving through and over riders and motorcycles in front of him, critically injuring Edwin Mieses, a motorcyclist who was caught in his path.

The bikers began the four mile chase after him, while Lien’s wife and two-year old daughter cowered in the car. However, Lien was forced to stop when he was stuck in traffic, allowing the beatings to begin.

A video was taken by one of the bikers, and later uploaded to YouTube and went viral. It depicts the motorcyclists beating the driver-side window of the SUV, and another hitting the rear window, which was where Lien’s daughter sat.

Lien was then punched and slashed in the face with a knife, which required multiple stitches. The beatings stopped once bystanders intervened.

However, by the time authorities reached the scene, the bikers were gone, leaving a beaten Lien lying face-down in the pavement.

Shortly after the incident, 32 year old detective Wojciech Braszczok turned himself in after an attorney signed off on his arrest after lying about his involvement in the motorcycle gang beat-down. He was arrested on Oct. 8.

The video shows Braszczok “shows him punching the back window, and then, as the camera is moving, it catches him maybe throwing a kick at the side of the car,” sources said.

Braszczok was charged with riot and criminal mischief for pounding on Lien’s SUV. Braszczok, a 10-year veteran cop, surrendered with a civilian lawyer and was taken to central booking.

So far seven people have been arrested in this case, as well as other bikers that have been identified as off-duty New York police officers. Not only was Braszczok involved, but an undercover narcotics detective has been identified by the press as being present but not participating in the assault.



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