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Minimum wage vs. life wage

In this recent debate over whether the minimum wage should be raised to life wage, workers across America protest for the wage to be raised.

“It depends on the circumstances for whether the minimum wage should be raised or not. Truthfully, I don’t believe that teens really need to earn life wage and the country can’t make exceptions for everyone,” senior Amelia Oross said.

The minimum wage in California is currently eight dollars an hour and workers are protesting that the wage should be raised to fifteen dollars (life wage) an hour in order for them to support themselves and their family.

According to the National Employment Law Project of America, “Many more cities have enacted “living wage laws” in recent years, establishing a higher minimum wage for employers that receive contracts or subsidies from the local government.  NELP has supported these campaigns in dozens of cities.”

Recently, fast food workers employed at Wendy’s blocked the side walk outside the restaurant in protest for receiving the living wage. Statistics have found that jobs that used to be populated by teenagers such as being a fry cook are now currently occupied by adults with families.

“I think that minimum wage should be raised because in order to live life to the fullest, you need the money and means to do so,” senior Kevin Mao said.

According to CNN, “A family with children living on one or even two full-time minimum wage salaries could still fall below the federal poverty line, depending on the cost of living in their hometown.”

Jobs that were once part time jobs, populated with teenagers are now populated with adults in need of supporting their families. Their argument remains that they cannot support their children’s education, pay the rent, and earn a decent living on minimum wage.

“My initial gut reaction is to say that anyone working in that position should be pain the same but I do understand the protestors argument,” teacher Gretchen Taumoepeau said.

If the minimum wage was in fact changed to life wage, people wonder where that money would come from and if it remains necessary to sustain it.

In accordance with the issue, NELP said, “The ranks of the working poor now exceed 47 million, driven in part by the steep erosion of wage standards throughout our economy. Over the last forty years, the real value of the federal minimum wage has fallen by close to 30%. Even after the 2007-2009 federal increases, the minimum wage remains far too low to sustain working families.”

While the protests are still taking place, in these next few months, America will see what becomes of this issue.


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