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MC’s French Film Class

It is a little-known fact that every Monday and Wednesday after school, there is a group of students who gather in room V-6.  For what counts as a 5 and a half class, these students gather to watch French films.

The students gain credits toward their elective requirements and the class has no required prerequisites.  This means the class is a mix of current French students and students who have never even taken French.

Movies that have been shown include French foreign film Chocolat, starring Johnny Depp, award-winning French foreign film

(“The Untouchables”), as well as the award-winning musical, Les Miserables.

French teacher Taryn Thompson created the class as a way to watch French films with students and to introduce the French language and culture to those who are not taking French.

“We can watch French films together as a class and discuss them and help improve French vocabulary for the kids who are not currently enrolled in French class,” said Thompson.

Freshman Savannah Grey is a regular in the class and enjoys learning about France through watching the films.

“I think it’s cool to see all the different types of films like the traditional ones and some of the newer ones,” said Grey, with her favorite movie so far being Chocolat.

Sophomore Truong Do, currently enrolled in a French class, has enjoyed the films and plans to continue attending.

“You get to hang out and discuss French movies and what they’re about,” said Do.

Do states that his favorite part of the class is listening to the accents and hearing how words are pronounced.  He regularly brings his friends and encourages them to come to the class when they can.

When asked about whether he recommends this to those not enrolled in French, he replied:

“Yes.  Yes I would.  It will make people learn more about the French culture and what we do.”

As for continuing the class next school year, Thompson intends to broaden the film class as well as add another different French class to her agenda.

“Next year, I’d like to have a French study skills class and a French movie class that’s more focused.  We’ll do older French movies or just dramas or scary movies.  I’d like to have a theme next year to make it different,” Thompson said.

Thompson is very happy with the class and loves watching the French films.  So far her favorite has been Les Intouchables, and she is inspired to continue choosing films that encompass the beauty and uniqueness of France and its culture.







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