Mrs. Jones wins Tireless Teacher of the Year Award

After a long and devoted seven years at MC, Biology and AP Environmental Science teacher Megan Jones has won the Tireless Teacher Award. Winning the award wasn’t surprising to students or staff, but it was for Jones herself.

“When I first found out I won, I said there must have been something wrong and they should recount [the votes],” Jones said.

Megan Jones | Photo Credit to Kristine Pham

Over time, Jones’s commitment has been noticed by staff and when the time came to acknowledge her hard work, there was no hesitation for who to vote for. 

“Students feel very comfortable approaching [her] and asking questions. Other teachers really like working with [her] and [think she is] great to collaborate with,” Spanish teacher Camille Giannini said.  

Jones’s passion for science is clear to her students since teaching the subject has always brought joy to her. She has spent 12 years as a teacher and got her first experience in college.

“I started thinking about teaching in college as a science major. I was able to TA for a college-level course and really enjoyed the interactions with the students and helping other people understand the material,” Jones said. 

Not only does Jones positively impact students in their academic life, she also proves to be a great role model. 

“She’s [Mrs. Jones] taught me so many great life lessons that have made me a better person and will continue to influence me into adulthood. We as students are so lucky to have her as a teacher,” Senior Bailey Powell said. 

Student Bailey Powell | Photo Credit to Kristine Pham

Every teacher at MC works extremely hard and previous winners of the ‘Tireless Teacher Award’ all have in common a few outstanding traits. 

“The teachers in the past that have won the Teacher of the Year Award have always been very dedicated [and] spend a lot of time and energy […] for their students. They really care about how their students are doing, not only [with] academics, but also as people,” Jones said.

Although Jones has been a great teacher at MC, she still thinks there are places she could touch up on.

Mrs. Jones believes she still has room to grow as  a teacher, but students and staff alike were proud to give her the Tireless Teacher Award. 

Written by Leyana Nabi

Leyana Nabi is a junior and the sunburn editor for the MC Sun. She's always down for a good laugh and is an avid fan of the Mamma Mia movies.

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