Kiahna Sales tackles stereotypes

Freshman Kiahna Sales Photo Credit | Lenie Yoon
Another season of MC football has begun, and to celebrate the new line of freshman football players, Kiahna Sales, defensive end,  describes her current experience as the only girl on the team.

Sales’ current motivation to play football was inspired when she was little.

“I’ve been playing for Rancho Penasquitos Pop Warner Football (RPPW) since 4th grade, so football will always be one of my priorities,” Sales said.

Sales has a passion for this sport, but emphasizes the  importance of participating and being on the field.

“I’m hoping to pursue my football career by playing on varsity soon. I know you can be on the team and not play, but I’d rather be on the field and earn my position than not play at all,” Sales said.

But Sales not only wants to play football for herself, she also wants to leave a legacy and be an inspiration by letting  other girls know about the true meaning behind this sport.

“I want to let other girls know that it’s not just a ‘guy sport’,” Sales said. “Anybody can do it, you just have to believe in yourself and try. You’ll get benefits [of playing] and it will be worth it.”

Not only does Sales get to play her favorite sport, but she also has the reward of having a close relationship with her teammates.

“The bond is getting there,” Sales said. “Since we’re all new to each other, we don’t know each other too well, but coming to school and starting to hang out with them has gotten us to become closer. They treat me like another guy on the team.”

Even though this high school season has just begun for Sales, a journey is in store for her as she has big aspirations for the future.  

“Even though I plan on playing other sports, my main goal is to play [football] through all of high school so I can play in  college,” Sales said.

Although Sales has no female football player to look up to at the moment, she hopes to be one of the few who others can look up to in the future.

“I want to show other girls that girls can be more than kickers. I can tackle as good as the boys, and I can handle the pain just like them,” Sales said.  “I don’t need special treatment just because I’m a girl, and I hope other girls can see that and want to play as well,” Sales said.

Through motivation and hard work, Sales is leaving a Sundevil legacy as the only girl on the football team, while being an inspiration to others at the same time.

Written by Lenie Yoon

Lenie is a junior and a staff writer for the MCSun. She is passionate about ASB, Netflix, and coffee.

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