Joe Gonzalez |Photographer

MC cafeteria workers: who are they?

Joe Gonzalez |Photographer
Joe Gonzalez |Photographer

A shadow through the screen, a silent voice in the background: these are the members of MC most students really don’t know. The lunch line workers are mysteries just waiting to be uncovered.

Besides being the servers for all students at MC, the cafeteria staff have stories of their own. Some chose this job because of their passion for adolescents, and others because it’s a skillset they can understand.

“This is the only thing I can do,” MC cafeteria server Sedrak Wafaa said. “I came here from Egypt almost eight years [ago].”

Wafaa finds enjoyment in her job, as she admires being around kids and making an impact on their day however she can.

“I like kids,” Wafaa said. “My favorite part of the job is when I work with [them]. I am a mom so I like to do everything [with] my hands.”

Many have called MC their home away from home for years, and not all of them are students. A handful of these people  spend their work hours behind the golden kiosks Sundevils pass each day. One is MC cafeteria server Amy Wright.

“I was a teacher in my country,” Wright said. “I taught [in Vietnam] for more than twenty years. I came here and I didn’t have a chance to earn my degree, but I still wanted to work with students so I applied for this job.”

She notes the positives over her years working at MC, including the way she is treated by  students.

“I have worked here for ten years,” Wright said. “All the students are nice. I never have any trouble.  A lot of students are really respectful and they have a good education here.”

Sometimes, a more familiar face is seen behind the screens of the cafeteria, as MC students have the opportunity to work, too.

“I wanted to do something productive and exciting at lunch,” MC senior Monica Senese said. “I love [interacting] with my school and helping students out.”

Senese not only enjoys her newfound hobby, but also finds it very rewarding.

“You learn hand-eye coordination and deal with money a lot better. It’s just a good skillset to have,” Senese said.

Senese feels the appreciation and responsibility of an adult behind the lunch counters.

“The workers are really friendly towards me, and I know my boss has high expectations of me,” Senese said. “I feel really respected in that situation.”

Senese plans to put her new skills to use when finding a job in the future.

“I know when high school ends I’m going to get a job in the food industry, and I figured if I had experience it would be a lot better,” Senese said.

All cafeteria workers view MC as an opportunity for many and a reverent environment for all. There is a general respect between students and staff alike, which keeps unity for workers and a full stomach for Sundevils: the perfect balance.

Written by Laura Loomis

Laura is a senior at MC and news editor on the SUN staff. Besides a passion for chickens and ranch houses, she enjoys the unpredictable nature of life.

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