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The scoop: new teachers on the block

You may have noticed a few unfamiliar names on your schedules this year. If you have, it’s because our campus is welcoming 11 new teachers this year. But everyone knows that when you get your schedule, you ask all your friends what the scoop is on the upcoming trimester’s teachers.

But how can you do that when no one’s heard of them? Don’t worry, the MC SUN is here to give you the down-low on our newest Sundevils.

Tia Simawang | Photographer

Ms. Giuseppini

Teaches American Literature

“I think that understanding the connection between our history… and the influence such events had on the literary and artistic voices of the time is priceless, “Giuseppini said, “Once students can understand and appreciate that connection they can even more critically examine their own lives and the world in which they live.”

Giuseppini is also an MC alumni, from the class of 2000. She is very loving to fellow Sundevils.

“The kindness and camaraderie of the student and staff make me very proud to be a Sundevil,” Giuseppini said.


Mr. Koelzer:

Teaches Algebra 1-2 and Geometry 1-2.

“Math is the gateway to sciences… Also, the world is getting more and more complex. Even auto mechanics need to have their basic understanding of computers and math to do their jobs,” Koelzer said. “The world in the 21st century is getting more complex and math’s got to be a big part of it.”

He’s been in the Poway Unified School District for 29 years, teaching at Poway, Rancho Bernardo, and Del Norte. Koelzer’s goal is to work with students and help them improve.

“I’m a community member, so I’m invested about MC High students and their success,” Koelzer said.

MC was also Koelzer’s first choice, his favorite thing about it is that the students are hard-working and come eager to learn.

Ms. Bada:

Teaches Resource, Geometry and English.

“I think [English class is] very important, especially with common core, its important to think outside the box,” Bada said.

Bada has taught at MC before, went to middle school last year, and is now back at MC because she missed the students and staff here.

“The MC staff is like a second family to me,” Bada said.

The most important thing she wanted her students to know is this:

“I want the kids to know that I am one of the teachers who will care and be their biggest cheerleader to help them push through and get a diploma,” Bada said.

Tia Simawang | Photographer

Ms. Pascual:

Teaches Algebra 2 and Geometry 2. Pascual says that she loves math and to teach.

“”I hope to help the students improve in their math skills and… hopefully my love of math and love of teaching will transfer into the students’ enjoyment of learning.”,” Pascual said. She also used to teach in Orange County, but came back to San Diego because it’s her home. Pascual’s favorite thing about MC is the people.

“I feel connected and part of a family,” said Pascual.


Mr. Phillips:

Teaches Chemistry and Biology.

“Biology and chemistry are both super significant in terms of the natural world and how life works,” Phillips said, “If we can understand biology and chemistry better, we can understand how to make things better, and keep from harming the environment, ourselves, other living critters”

He would like his students to know that he loves to laugh and have fun, and build relationships with them.

“The subject matter is important, but it’s not as important as the relationships you form with the kids,” Phillips said.

Phillips also has a special reason to thank MC.

“MC educated my wife, who is an alum (class of 1988) I am thankful to MC to get her to UCSD, where we met and fell in love,” Phillips said.


Teaches Special Ed, World History, Geoscience, and Learning strategies.

“World history is important because learning what happened in the past can help understand the concept of what’s happening in the world today and the changes.” McMillan said.

McMillan came to our school from Texas. She is from California, and after teaching special education in Austin, decided to come back.

“It’s very friendly her and more relaxed. The last school I came from was pretty specific about everything,” McMillan said, “I like how teachers have a little bit more freedom to teach the way they want to.” McMillan’s favorite thing about MC so far is the people.

Tia Simawang | Photographer

Ms. Oliver

Teaches Spanish 3-6

Oliver says that learning Spanish is important because Spanish is used in a lot of places, and you can use it when you travel.   Oliver has also taught in Spain and is going to return every summer for the next three years to obtain her Master’s degree.

“The kids are really loud there and talkative. It’s such a social country, that people are talking all the time, even in class,” Oliver said, “Everybody in Spain is super social! Teaching over there was awesome, because you get the siesta, so school was only 9-2.”

Since Oliver is a student herself, she says that it definitely affects the way she teaches.

“I’ve been up all night doing homework, being like ‘I hate homework,’ so I hardly give any homework,” Oliver said.

Oliver’s father was also a Sundevil.

“Back in the 70’s or 80’s, my dad actually taught here. He was also the water polo coach and whenever I go by the pool. I have a flashback of memories,” Oliver said. “It’s like my second home here, I’m very excited to teach here.”


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