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promIn the past few years, getting invited to prom has become a major event. It even received its own name; “Promposal”. Here are a few of the standout promposals that have taken place at MC this year.


Jeremy Hunt and Kendra O’Connell


This promposal was done by junior Jeremy Hunt for his girlfriend junior Kendra O’Connell on May 10th.

“She was at work, so I bought a bunch of balloons and put pictures on the bottoms of [the strings] and made a big sign,” Hunt said.

He did more than just that though, making it an unforgettable moment.

“My dad told me I was in trouble and that I had to go to my room and clean it.” O’Connell said. “When I walked into my room, I turned on the light and he was standing there in a tux.”

They both enjoyed the element of surprise to this promposal.

Bailey Sandstrom and Astrid Ccapatinta


Sophomore Bailey Sandstrom asked senior Astrid Ccampatinta to prom recently also.

“Well first of all she is Mexican, so I made a sign that said ‘hey girl, prom with me?’ in Spanish and it had jalapenos on it and an upside down question mark and everything,” Sandstrom said. “I had a sombrero when I asked her and a fake mustache too. I had a bouquet of roses too. So I put a mustache on her when she walked up.”

Ccapatinta enjoyed the way her boyfriend asked her.

“I thought it was clever and it was cute,” Ccapatinta said. “I liked the Mexican theme. It was funny.”


Liam Lau and Nika Cokas


Sophomore Liam Lau promposing to junior Nika Cokas also involved a sign, but was very different from the other two.

“He hid behind my car after track practice and held a sign that said ‘Will you run to prom with me’ because we are both in track and he had flowers,” Cokas said.

They both thought that the prom-posal went very well.

“It was sweet how he did it,” Cokas said

Tobe Ezekoli and Jasmine


The promposal between senior Tobe Ezekoli and senior Jasmine had a bit of a Disney theme to it.

“I had Jaime bring out a cart to her third period which is PE and on the cart it had a carpet because it was a magic carpet because her name is Jasmine and she kind of looks like Jasmine from Aladdin.” Ezekoli said.

So then Jaime drove her around to her fourth period and I had a poster that I painted with a drawing of princess Jasmine on it.”


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