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A Girl Scout You Can Count On

Joe Gonzalez | Photographer
Joe Gonzalez | Photographer

When the words “Girl Scouts” are heard, the first thing that comes to mind is cookies. At this point in our lives it’s practically instinct to reach into our pockets and shovel out the cash just to score a few boxes of those beloved Thin Mints. But, just because those skinny mint delectables have become a trademark, doesn’t mean that the cause behind the girl  is any less important.

Girl Scouts have been a presence in communities for decades, striving to bring service and awareness  to the issues that matter, but are often overlooked. Their aim to help others extends far past that of their neighborhoods and into MC as well.

Senior Annelise Morgan hoped to best reflect this through a new library-checkout inspired system within MC’s math department.

“This year, I’ve set up a program in the library where students can check out graphing calculators like a textbook to use throughout the year. This way they have something to use for homework assignments and testing in upper level math courses,” Morgan said.

While the subject of math may not seem appealing to some students, Morgan’s success has proven the importance having such accessible resources. Though she, herself, was not in need of a calculator, Morgan used her Girl Scout’s project to find a solution for an all too common problem.

“My sophomore year I was next to a girl who went a whole trimester without one and struggled on her homework because she was already working a lot and forced to spend the money she made on other things to help her family,” Morgan said.

“I became aware that some students struggled to purchase graphing calculators to use or decided not to take these classes because they were not planning on majoring in math and did not want to spend their money on a calculator.”

Most don’t often think that something as basic as a calculator could hinder a student from excelling in math, but the cost of the required graphing calculators alone discouraged some students from spending that extra $100.

Fortunately, for these students, Morgan’s project has collected 10 calculators thus far to give back to those who need it most. Though this simple community project has been deemed a success, its future lays far beyond her control.

“Once I leave MC it will be up to the teachers to help maintain the program. I have established a strong base for the project, so that it’s as easy as checking out a textbook,” Morgan said.

“In the end, my goal is to help make taking these higher level math course available to everyone.”


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Tia Simawang is a junior and the Features Editor. Tia is known for her erratic and constant giggling as well as her bubbly personality. But don't let that fool you because she is also well versed in the art of sarcasm. Born into a family of four, Tia has one brother who serves as her role model in life. She hates caramel and loves cheese and while she may not intially admit it, she's a tv addict who refuses to get help. When not in school, Tia plays lacrosse for MC and devotes her other spare time to the MC Sun, friends and tumblr. In the future, she hopes to get into a great college and eventually pursue a career that will let her experience living on the east coast or London.

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