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Sundevil Spotlight: Shiv Monteiro

When did you start playing volleyball? Why?

I started playing sophomore year on a whim because it seemed like a fun laid-back sport.


What do you enjoy most about playing volleyball?

The thing I enjoy most about volleyball are the people on the team.


What do you like best about the team and the coach?

Our team has a lot of personality and quirky players, which makes both our practices and games really interesting. Thankfully Malta has the patience to coach us.


What would you say your favorite experience has been with volleyball?

My favorite experience as a volleyball player was winning the silver division my junior year at Redondo Beach. We went to three games during the match and we made a comeback in the third game to win.


What position do you play? Do you think the role fits?

I play middle front. This position really fits me because I am not very good at passing, but I am fairly good at jumping, blocking, and hitting.


Why did you choose volleyball over the other spring sports? Was a difficult decision?

I chose volleyball over track because I’m not a big fan of running and also because more of my friends were playing volleyball.

Written by David Pu

David Pu is currently a senior on the the MC Sun. He has been on staff for four years. As a freshman and sophomore he was a staff writer before becoming a page editor his junior year and then sports editor his senior year. He likes chinese food because chinese food is freaking awesome and maybe some McDonalds because it's economical. He loves press nights and the entire staff.