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MC offers rewarding performing arts programs

Host of one of the biggest tournaments in all of California, winner of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, as well as a Grammy, Mt. Carmel boasts an esteemed marching band and concert band. Such achievements are not made overnight, however, as many hours are invested by individual band members.

“During marching season we will spend around 13 to 14 hours a week in band both during and after school,” senior Cameron Panlasigui said. “During first trimester, two of our periods in the day are devoted to marching band and every Wednesday night we spend around 3 hours at rehearsal. We also have some Saturdays where we have rehearsal for 4 hours.”

Choir, just like band, has had a history of successes as well: Superior ratings at festivals, performers at Carnegie hall this year, and first place at a competition in Breckenridge, Colorado. Just like band, and contrary to common misconception, choir puts a lot of time into their music as well.

“Choir is actually a lot work,” senior Pournami Rajeev said. “We have to memorize complicated music. Also, we are always constantly learning new music. Once one performance is over we are on to another.”

While both choir and band both have made great achievements, there are more than just trophies and certificates to show for their uniqueness and talent, such as with individuals like sophomore Kyle Myers who has been featured in articles from the San Diego Reader.

Music in general is not just about statistics and numbers. Most notable about being part of either MC’s choir or band are the experiences that are earned from being involved, especially with you’re spending time with people that have the same interests as you”, according to Rajeev.

“Band has taught me that you can have fun while working hard,” alumni Sebastian Correa said. “Also it has taught me to be a hard worker. The special experiences that I have had in band include seeing one hundred or more people coming together and making moving art on a football field.”

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