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Buddhism is a religion originated in India by Buddha, also known as Gautama. This religion later spread to China, Burma, Japan, Tibet, and several parts of Southeast Asia. It teaches that life is full of suffering originally caused by desires. To end this suffering, Buddha claims that by destroying hatred, desires and elusion, man can attain perfect enlightenment.

“We believe in reincarnation,” junior Hillary Phan said. “Basically there are three stages of life so when you’re dead, you go down and when you reincarnate, you go up.”

A few of their most important holidays are Chinese New Year and Tet which is a Vietnamese New Year celebration that occurs during the first seven days of the first month of the lunar calendar.

“Mother’s day is really important and especially Buddha’s birthday,” she said. “We always go to temple for his birthday and have this big carnival for him.”

For protection, Phan always wears a necklace of Buddha around her neck. She also has to have a picture of Buddha in front of her bed in order for him to watch and take care of her.


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Rachel Peters has been on staff since her sophomore year of high school. She played Field Hockey her freshmen year and MC Varsity softball for three years. Rachel is a peer buddy for MC's Friendship Club and loves being an academic tutor for the students with special needs at MC.

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