Mac Miller’s Alter Egos

Mac Miller,  a beloved musician, has recently died. Even 5 years after his  death, a new alter ego of his, Larry Lovestein, has been discovered. Many are unaware of Miller’s many different music projects throughout his life in which he undergoes a different name.

Mac Miller | Photo Courtesy of Vulture

His music has affected many  with his powerful words. He was an open book through his music, and often talked about mental health and his own journey through his lyrics. Miller died from an accidental overdose of fentanyl, alcohol, and cocaine on September 8th, 2018.

Malcom James McCormick had various  side projects, in which  he used aliases that  are often overlooked. These names include Easy Mac, Larry Fisherman, Larry Lovestein, and Delusional Thomas. The projects explored Mac’s musical versatility, allowing him to delve into many different genres of music.

Easy Mac was McCormick’s first project as a teenager. Under the alias of Easy Mac, he  only released one full album, But My Mackin Ain’t Easy, in 2007. However, under this name, he first discovered his love for rap and hip-hop. 

In his next project, McCormick went under the  name of Larry Fisherman. Although he wrote many albums with this alias, he was extremely busy during this period of his life. Producing this music was an escape from his occupied life.

Mac Miller | Photo Courtesy of Spotify

Larry Lovestein was another one of Mac’s alter egos, in which  he delved into a version of jazz. His different names allowed him to express his creativity in different genres. 

One of McCormick’s most obscure projects occurred under the name of Delusional Thomas. As Delusional Thomas, he wrote songs involving themes such as murder, carnage, and religion. 

Lastly, Mac’s most popular name, Mac Miller includes elements from all of his different projects. 

Miller embraces various different genres and this allows for his music to not be one dimensional. His different alter egos contributed to his wide-ranging personality through his albums.

Through the discoveries of his alter egos, his fans are now able to delve into different genres of music and explore his extensive personality.

Written by Hailey Rickel

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