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CW’s Batwoman Raises Controversy

The CW recently announced that they’re adding the wealthy heiress, Batwoman, to their “Arrowverse.”  The first look trailer, released in May of 2019, has racked up six million views in three months. Though that may seem impressive, just one look at the number of dislikes will certainly dismiss such praise. With 342,000 more dislikes than likes, the fans are definitely angry about something.

Ruby Rose Batwoman
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The controversy settles around the issue of the CW deciding to follow a 2006 issue by “52”, a comic books mini series, of Batwoman, or Kate Kane, in which she is lesbian. However, Dan Didio, the senior vice president and executive editor of DC Comics, made sure her sexuality didn’t define her as Batwoman. 

“The fact that Batwoman is gay is not a key factor, it’s just who she is,” Didio said.

The Batwoman comic book was well written, and focused a lot on Batwoman’s character without coming across as pandering to feminism. The new show, however, does not seem to adapt to this representation of the character. CW’s Batwoman is using Batman’s suit, cave, fighting technique, and logo, and is frustrated that Gotham is mistaking her for Batman. In doing so,  the creators of the show are unintentionally making her come across as a cheap knock-off of Batman. This is an extreme disservice to all Batwoman fans given that the Kate Kane they know and love is formidable and her own person.

2006 Batwoman Comic
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The associated competition  between Batwoman and Batman has bothered many fans because Batwoman is not intended to serve as a superior Batman. Fans are worried that the CW is going to prioritize its twitter-woke and surfaced feminism political agenda, as it seems to be doing in every trailer released for the show so far, instead of focusing on advancing the plot in an entertaining and qualitative way.

 When the show is released this fall, it’s going to be getting a lot of attention, and it won’t be long until critics look beyond the vague political correctness and notice the lack of plot and character advancement in the series.

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