Wonderspaces: A museum for all

A wall of pins that described different emotions | Photo Courtesy of San Diego Union Tribune

During the summer, social media websites have been full of videos of teenagers frolicking with air dancers and pictures with people peering into mirrored light images, after looking into this Instagram phenomenon more, I found Wonderspaces, a pop up modern art gallery full of interactive activities  at the corner of Russel Parkway and Civita Boulevard, and with the company  of two overeager friends,  I hopped on the bandwagon.

Upon entering, guests are greeted with a geometric arch made with holographic plastic that cast various shades of colors of the pane of the piece in the sun’s rays.

After receiving brightly colored wristbands, I was directed to enter a dark tunnel that is lined with neon stripes that leads to the heart of the museum. On the far left of the exit of the tunnel is an interactive piece called “The Last Word” created by Illegal Art. “The Last Word” allows guests to write what they would like their last words to be on scrolls of paper lined in red ink and fasten them to the wall. Patrons are also welcome to read other people’s last words as well which gives the art piece a more personal and emotional feel to each of them.

Looking across the sitting area, my eyes are greeted with the amazing work of Shawn Causey and Mark Daniel. Their piece “Sweet Spot”, features 3,700 multicolored nylon cords hanging from the ceiling to wood compartments supporting the thread on the floor. The colors faded into one another together and changed even with the slightest movement leaving spectators in awe.

While my companions and I wandered aimlessly around the museum, we came across “ADA” created by Karina Smigla-Bobinski. The exhibit included a large ball with charcoal crayons sticking out of it like needles on a cactus.

Guests are expected to get their hands dirty and play around with the giant ball leaving marks on the once fresh white walls. Throwing around an enormous floating ball while getting my hands dirty proved to be extremely therapeutic and a fun way to be one with the art.

Near the end of the day, my friends and I ventured to the colorful wall of pins in which visitors are encouraged to take a pin that described how they felt that day such as zen, lonely, and awesome.

After taking as many pins as we possibly could, my companions and I ended our exploration and joined little children as they skipped around the 30 air dancers that flapped around in the breeze outside the tarp tent where Wonderspaces was temporarily located.

This interactive, emotionally compelling museum definitely lived up to the Instagram hype and recreated what it meant to be a kid again while having the sophistication of modern art.

Written by Kristine Pham

Kristine Pham is a junior and currently a photographer and staff writer for the Sun. She can you usually find her re watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or catching up with her friends. The things she enjoys the most in life are sunflowers, iced coffee, and bullet journaling.

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