The California Superbloom

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy,’” wrote Sylvia Plath in her novel The Bell Jar. This feeling is shared by people who have witnessed this year’s California super bloom.

Nestled in a canyon between Murietta and Perris lie millions of orange poppies, purple sand verbena, and white dune evening primroses. The area

Photo courtesy of Strange Sounds

 does not usually contain such vibrant colors and sights, but a burst of flower growth has resulted from  the recent downpour of rain.

The last time anything this beautiful and full of life occurred being 2005, places like Walker Canyon are crowded with tourists and locals alike attempting to take pretty pictures for their Instagram feed. What is unknown by the common viewer is that at the end of the trail, the flowers get more and

more beautiful and the view from the top is astonishing.

Whether looking for a hike or just for a pretty place to enjoy a Sunday afternoon, the California super bloom is a must-see. These wildflowers are  growing in places like Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore, Point Mugu State Park, or Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. The sights are definitely worth the hour’s drive to Walker Canyon or one to two hour drive to Anza-Borrego.

Written by Sofia Minich

Sofia Minich is a senior and Co-Editor in Chief of the MC SUN. She spends her time driving aimlessly and listening to 90s alt-rock or watching Dazed & Confused.

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