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When Lo-Fi leaves the bedroom

A different type of angelic voice was singing in the old church that night and people swarmed into the room as if it were a Sunday meeting. Musicians Laura Morgan and Jordan Shih, from Orlando, FL, came  together four years ago to create an  indie pop duo called SALES.

SALES for a promo shoot in Orlando | Photo
Courtesy of SALES bandcamp

The bedroom-based group stopped by  at the Irenic, an old church renovated into a venue, in North Park last Friday, Dec. 8 for their self-titled debut album tour.

The lay-low feels of the band match the relaxed vibes of the crowd. Upon  entry, the crowd seemed pretty scarce and littered across the old church room floor. As the opening act, Chaos Chaos, shook the building with their electric indie rock tunes, what was an empty room littered with music junkies became filled with a variety of young people dressed in grunge and pastel from head to toe.

Morgan performing at Crucialfest |
Photo Courtesy of K-UTE Radio

The lights became dim and focused on the center of the stage as the audience began to cheer on the Floridian group. They opened with their first song on their debut album, “Over.” The crowd swayed with the tempo and nodded their heads to the beat creating a sense of unity.

The band also performed their first single “Renee,” released in 2013. They described the humorous backstory behind the name of the song. This set the mellow and personal mood for the duration of the concert.

After a few songs, SALES would stop to either describe a story behind the next song, or they would encourage you with an uplifting message. Both were expressed very awkwardly, as Morgan would giggle and pause in between words, but it still managed to be enchanting and charming. They also never hesitated to thank the audience over and over again for their support.

Morgan and Shih | Photo Courtesy of

The vocals were soft and chilling, perfectly matching the recorded versions. Very often, the band would pause for a nice guitar solo that would thrill the crowd. Shih’s guitar and programming creates a lo-fi sensibility that when merged with Morgan’s reminiscent melodies and lyrics creates an unforgettable experience.

As the concert drew to a close, the duo sang “Chinese New Year,” and the crowd went wild. The whole venue emulated the voices and excitement of both the audience and the band.

Immediately after getting off the stage, SALES walked through the crowd to their merch table, willingly taking pictures and conversing with their fans. At the merch table, they handled transactions and signed vinyls and posters for fans.

SALES’s signature album design
comprises of collaging together
arms and flowers | Photo
Courtesy of SALES bandcamp

SALES has a unique way of creating an engaging and entertaining environment. From their melodies and instrumentals, to their conversation and humor, SALES accurately displayed their talent and personality. 

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