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Will this drag them down?

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One Direction is going on break this year, but recent endeavors prove it may be more than that.

Last year the five-member-boy-band became a foursome when Zayn Malik left to pursue his solo career. Now a year later, he plans on releasing his debut album, Mind of Mine, on March 25, a day that has some hearty significance to their fan base, “Directioners.” It is the day Zayn broke from the band in 2015. He recently released his first single, “Pillow Talk,” along with a very interesting music video (to say the least) featuring his current girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.

In an interview with Billboard it was revealed the album would have a more edgy tone, picking up mostly an R&B sound to match his voice and real life experiences. He also mentioned the fact that his time with his old band felt fake and left him no room to experiment as an artist. He claimed to have been overworked and dissatisfied as the years went on.

A smooth break from Malik’s career-launching-band would seem unlikely, and it is true he’s had some problems on his own. Interviewing has become a task for the single artist who is used to being one of five answering the questions. Now that the pressure is on to answer for himself, he has been canceling one interview after the other.

The boys aren’t on close terms, but Zayn did thank his old band upon receiving an Asian Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music over the summer.

One Direction released their fifth studio album on November 13, 2015, the first without Malik. Upon trying to tackle those infamous high notes, like in “You and I” and “Diana,” the boys ended up taking those parts out when performing live. This of course was upsetting to everyone who has heard and come to appreciate the amazing vocals of each individual.

In their recent music video for their single “History,” a bunch of old clips sum up their five years together, from the day they met on the X-Factor until their final US performance on the American adaptation of the show. At the end of the video, the four are seen walking off in different directions, hinting they could be apart for some time.

On the hiatus, the remaining members are planning to split ways. Harry Styles was quick to drop from Modest! Management in January 2016, reportedly hiring his friend Jeffrey Azoff in their place.

Louis Tomlinson is dealing with some new family developments. He just had a son, Freddie, with Briana Jungwirth, born on January 21 of this year. He will be busy away from the group for a while being a baby daddy to a child he had with a woman he cut ties with months ago.

Liam Payne has already posted clips of new songs he is working on to social media. In January, he gave fans a glimpse of a new R&B track with him rapping in it. Nothing official has been released, but it’s clear the singer is finding his own sound with the extra time.

And then there’s Niall Horan, who’s lost in Asia somewhere these days.

The band has promised a comeback and even hinted a tour for their newest album Made in the AM, but the actual actions of the group may be limited, and their time together cut short for personal jobs.

Overall, 2015 was a rough year for the band and their fans, who you could find on any given day crying and binge watching 1D fetus videos on YouTube. So many questions have been left unanswered and everyone has been jumping the boat to determine false meanings. For now, everyone can relax until the band comes out with news, but whether that will be positive or not is yet to be told.


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