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Honoring the deaths of beloved stars

In light of the recent deaths of many individuals in the public eye, the MC Sun would like to take a moment to pay tribute to those who have sadly passed away as of 2016.

David Bowie

This iconic music man, who pioneered the genre of glam rock, sadly passed away from liver cancer on January 10 at age 69. Bowie’s eccentric demeanor and lyrical masterpieces became household names over the years of his career. His name, as well as the name of his other persona, Ziggy Stardust, live on in his music, including his final album Blackstar, which was released two days before the star’s death. Bowie not only left us with his emblematic sound, but also with some of his great acting work, including playing Nikola Tesla in The Prestige, Thomas Jerome Newton in The Man who Fell to Earth, and the iconic  Jareth the Goblin King in Labyrinth. As proven by the countless tributes since this star’s passing, Bowie’s influence is never ending.

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Brian Bedford

This name, although not as well known as those of superstars like Bowie, belongs to the brilliant actor whose voice could most likely be heard throughout every young child’s home. Bedford, who not only was a Tony nominated (seven times!) actor and singer, is most known for being the voice of Robin Hood in Disney’s Robin Hood. Although he did have his place in the movies, Bedford’s career was made up of mainly stage acting, which landed him all of his nominations. Bedford sadly passed away on January 13 from cancer at age 80. However, his voice lives on in the cherished fox that makes every child smile.

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Alan Rickman

This brilliant, awe-inspiring actor tragically passed away from pancreatic cancer on January 14, at age 69. Rickman’s portrayal of complex, chill-inducing antagonists lended to his lasting legacy. Although most of our generation knows him as the memorable and unnerving Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films, Rickman also appeared in countless other films, including Die Hard, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and Love Actually. Not only did Rickman’s name become iconic, but his voice as well. This deep, recognizable voice sounded both gravely and velvety at the same time; it  could lull you to sleep or strike fear in your heart. Rickman’s passing has Sever(us)ed our heartstrings, but he lives on forever in these beloved characters.

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René Angélil

Angélil, a music producer and talent manager, passed away from throat cancer on January 14, at age 73. Angélil was most notably Celine Dion’s manager, as well as her husband.  His death came shortly before the death of Dion’s brother, Daniel. This tragic event has left Dion a widow, but she promises that she will keep singing.

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Glenn Frey

This singer and songwriter, best known for being a founding member of the band The Eagles, passed away on January 18, at age 67, from complications of pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis, and ulcerative colitis. Frey, a crucial piece in what could be called America’s biggest rock band, played guitar, keyboard, and vocals, and was with the band until his death (minus the band’s breakup in 1980). Throughout it all, Frey sailed over the seas of stardom and his influential sound is recognized most in The Eagle’s popular tracks such as “Take It Easy,” “Desperado,” and probably their most recognizable hit, “Hotel California.” These tracks not only skyrocketed the band’s career, but gave society songs to love, understand, and create memories with.  And without Glenn Frey, that could not have happened. His legacy lives on in these songs that never grow old.

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