X-Files reboot has fans in frenzy

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If you combine the 90s, aliens, and hit tv shows, you get the experience that can only be tastefully culminated in The X Files.

Beginning in 1993, ending  in 2002, and spanning nine seasons, X Files paired Gillian Anderson with David Duchovny as Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder from the FBI chasing supposed aliens.

But with fans in their corner of the internet discussing conspiracy theories, alien invasions, and hopes against hope that someday their beloved cult classic would grace their screens once more, the iconic show never really faded. .

Well, those fans are in luck. Now the alien-hunting dream team is back for a six episode revival of the hit sci-fi show, with production set to begin this summer.

The show’s creator, Chris Carter, has called the 13-year gap a “commercial break,” saying that “the good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six stories.”

As a person who practically lives on Netflix, I have binge-watched several seasons of the X Files, much to the entertainment of my parents, who watched that same show when they were first married.

Now, FOX has revived the hit show to get a new generation of dorks like me hooked while bringing back  the nostalgic original viewers;I cannot wait. Even though the show can be repetitive at times, I’m excited for Anderson and Duchovny to reprise their roles as the skeptic and the believer, traveling across the country to solve the mysteries of extraterrestrial activity.

This time, however, the duo will be in their 40s, possibly changing the dynamic and the plot. (I’m not going to lie; I’m excited to see Anderson grace my screen, no matter her age.)

Not only are there going to be familiar faces on screen, but there will be X Files alumni off screen as well. Writers, directors, producers, composers, anyone that Carter can lure back to their old positions will be joining the X Files team.

It’s a new era, full of cellphones and without shoulder pads, and I’m interested to see where this will go, even if the miniseries will only be six episodes.

Will there be much of a difference in the plot line and content? How will the 13 years that have passed affect things? Will the Cigarette Smoking Man be allowed to smoke on television? Will Scully still tenaciously cling to her disbelief in the existence of extraterrestrial life?

We don’t know, but I am pumped to find out, and I want to believe that the wait will be worth it. Now excuse me while I catch up on all the episodes I haven’t seen yet.

Written by Amanda Leslie

Amanda is a senior and the opinions editor for the MCSun. (Obviously the best section.) Her hobbies are sleeping and listening to music. She likes to pretend that she could be an FBI agent when she grows up.

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