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Summer 2015 concert recap: San Diego sings along with stars of all shapes and sizes

This summer was a hot one in San Diego, both in terms of temperature and musical talent. Artists from all genres came through “America’s Finest City” while school was out, and even now that we are back in classrooms instead of amphitheaters, we still look back on these concerts with fond memories. Here are some of the highlight performances of the summer:

Christina Perri (June 17, Del Mar Fairgrounds)

Although Perri doesn’t have the starpower of some of the massive pop artists, she sure put on an impressive show. With hits like “Jar of Hearts” and “A Thousand Years,” both of which we have all heard on the radio countless times, Perri played to the crowd favorites. The real performance, however, lay in some of the more obscure songs that really showed what this artist was made of, and how she went from waitressing in LA to the Del Mar Fair stage.

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Fifth Harmony (June 23, Del Mar Fairgrounds)

Since the constant loop of this girl group’s “Worth It,” they have gained major momentum. The crowd for Lauren, Camila, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, and Normani was wild, as expected. The X-Factor stars impressed with vocals as well as excellent choreography.

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One Direction (July 9, Qualcomm Stadium)

Scheduled on the same day as Comic-Con, the On the Road Again Tour drew in 52,831 screaming fans. Despite the traffic nightmares of the world’s biggest comic convention and the world’s biggest boyband coinciding in one location, 1D fans had a blast attending the first show of the band’s US tour. Additionally, Harry Styles shaded SeaWorld and face planted on stage, making it a true One Direction concert experience.

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5 Seconds of Summer (July 18, Sleep Train Amphitheatre)

From opening for One Direction for two tours to selling out their own amphitheatres, this band has made a name for itself with hits “She Looks So Perfect” and new single “She’s Kinda Hot.” Fans enjoyed the four-piece group’s vocals as well as their own instrumentals, a trait that has gained them respect in an age when many popular artists don’t play their own instruments. The show lived up to its tour name (Rock Out with Your Socks Out), giving the crowd something to really rock out to.

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Fall Out Boy (August 8, Sleep Train Amphitheatre)

Along with guest stars Wiz Khalifa and Hoodie Allen, this punk rock group brought down the house in San Diego. Fans danced like Uma Thurman and sang along to even the most incomprehensible of lyrics, proving their status as hardcore FOB followers since the iconic group’s return in 2013 after a four-year hiatus.

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Nicki Minaj (August 13, Sleep Train Amphitheatre)

The hip hop queen herself graced the Chula Vista stage to close out the summer. Outrageous,  confident, dramatic, funny, and fearless, Nicki was all about crowd participation and awesome outfits. The concert was just a few days before the school year, which may have been perfect timing, as Minaj’s famous “stay in school, get an education” speech pushed Sundevil attendees to do their best this year. For Nicki.

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Written by Annie Price

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