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Cat Cafes: It’s PURRfect

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Calling all lovers of cats and coffee! There’s a claw-some place in downtown San Diego where cappuccinos and furry felines come together.

The concept of the “cat cafe” originated in Taiwan, with the first one opening in 1998. Japan as a whole has around 150 feline friendly cafes, with at least 39 located in Tokyo. Japanese cat cafes allow their visitors to consume coffee in the same room as the felines. These cafes are immensely popular because they allow people to interact with animals and relieve stress all while drinking a hot cup of coffee.

The cat cafes in the United States do not vary much from those of Japan, although in american cat cafes you won’t be coughing up any hairballs; as a result of Health Department regulations, the area where the cats are held and the area where coffee is served must be separated.

All of the cats in the cafe are rescued animals that were found in San Diego. The main goal of the cafe is to provide each rescued animal with a safe environment. All of the cats in the facility are up for adoption and looking for good homes with loving people. Although walk-in adoptions are available, appointments are recommended.

The proceeds from the coffee served are used to provide for the cats, meaning that the organization itself makes little to no profit. The drinks serve as an admission ticket to the playpen, but must be consumed before entering the area. During less busy hours there is no wait to see the cats, however, the wait time is normally about 20 minutes.

The cafe works with the San Diego Humane Society, which helps to ensure that the welfare of the cats comes first. This means that children in the playpen should be supervised at all times, and guests are not allowed to pick up the cats. Also, the cafe also requests quiet voices and no flash photography.

The Cat Cafe is located downtown, a few blocks away from the Convention Center trolley stop. If you’re looking for a furry friend and tasty coffee, get over to the Cat Cafe right meow!

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