Drake Review: If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

If You're Reading This It's Too Late courtesy of
If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late courtesy of

Once again, the output of a new Drake album has produced quite the hype. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late has steadily climbed charts since its release.

The cover itself, purportedly a scrawled suicide note, went viral on Twitter and other social media, where fans and critics started crafting remarks about it’s resemblance to a Chik-Fil-A cow’s penmanship. All jokes aside, the content of the album, from its witty lyrics to its seamless transitions, is high quality.

Although a little less sensitively lyricized than some of his previous albums, Drake of course had to incorporate some sort of depth into his songs. And as usual, he found that depth in the composition of intimate bars about his love life.

In his song “Jungle” Drake states, “The things I can’t change are the reasons you love me,” and in “Company” he says, “I don’t deserve her at all, no not at all.”

The overall vibe the album emanates is more relaxed. 2013’s Nothing Was The Same contained songs with prominent sing-songy verses, such as ‘Furthest Thing’, ‘Come Thru’, and ‘Too Much’. The majority of his new songs, however, contain lengthy rapping rifts; songs like ‘6 God’ and ‘10 Bands’ have lots of bass.

Drake’s album has been received exceedingly well by listeners, earning the artist multiple spots on Billboard’s top charts. On the top twenty ‘Rap Streaming Songs’, the album holds spots nine, twelve, thirteen, sixteen, and eighteen.

The bar has been set high with If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, and Drake fans will be expecting his next album to be just as successful.

Written by Chloe Heinz

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