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The pack is back: MC sees revival of ’90s classic

Marianna McMurdock | Photographer
Marianna McMurdock | Photographer

From Moschino runways to the hallways of MC, fanny packs are integrating their way into our fashion lives. Like any good trend, the beloved and begrudged packs deserve their fifteen minutes (or in this case, years) of fame.

The convenient alternative to cumbersome purses, satchels, or backpacks, the fanny pack has proven time and time again that it deserves a place in fashion outlets worldwide. Online retailers, especially, are hip (pun intended) to the budding gem; ASOS alone offers 23 types of the not-so-new phenomenon.
Its revival can probably be traced to the 90s/grunge obsession of our era. Flannels and mom jeans can now be adorned with a black leather, post grunge “chaos pouches”.

But arguably the most bitchin’ attribute of the fanny pack is its versatility. Sure, it can jazz up a nostalgic look, but it could also add class or ease to the casual ensemble. Celebrities like Matthew McConaughey practically worship their pocket-savers. During a trip to Fenway Park, McConaughey was seen casually donning his ever-present fanny pack.

“You kind of got to put it on the side to make it look a little not-as-nerdy, but still, [it] practicality wins out. I’ve got so much gear in here that I don’t want in my pockets, I’m not afraid of the fanny pack,” he said to a CSN Houston reporter.

To take a leaf out of McConaughey’s book, the practicality of the pack cannot be ignored. Senior Monica Weismann recognizes this, and pays homage to the 90s staple every Friday.

“I don’t go for fashion, because I don’t match most of the time anyway,” Weismann said. “It’s real classy- it’s black and has a whole bunch of hidden zippers and pockets.”

Marianna McMurdock | Photographer
Marianna McMurdock | Photographer

The notoriously dismal holding space of girls’ clothes drive many to alternatives. The under-the-belt pouch provides extra wiggle room and encourages mobility (now it may considered fashionable to burst into random dancing in pocket-free splendor).

“I like having independence. You get a little extra somethin’-somethin’ to hold everything,” Weismann said.

So whether you’re feeling that Urkel vibe, or you just want a break from bogged down coat pockets and overfilled handbags, the fanny pack offers a unique sense of relief with a pinch of nostalgia.

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