On board with Board & Brew

Photo Credit| Chloe Heinz
Photo Credit| Chloe Heinz

If you’re out enjoying a beautiful day in Del Mar and want to grab something to eat, Board & Brew is one place suited to satisfy your cravings.
Board & Brew has become the new it-spot. It’s a present topic in twitter, conversation, and the appetites of students.
What’s behind the hype? Many factors tie into the reasons for this restaurant’s success.
I think the answer lies in this sandwich joint’s signature sauce. Ask any regular Board & Brew goer, the sauce is what completes the sandwich perfectly.
Others might add that the location is ideal. Within short walking distance of the beach, a delicious meal is at your easy access.
The atmosphere of the business also attracts customers. The line, although usually long, moves quickly. The workers are helpful and enthusiastic about making your food shortly after you order. If you’re at all unhappy with your food, they’re eager to fix it and please the consumer. The attire of customers varies all the way from work clothes to swim suits; the vibe is very chill and welcoming. Seating is usually scarce, but many people decide to take their food to-go and eat it on the beach or at home.
It just gets better. Another Board & Brew just opened in Scripps Ranch. Now, if you desire a ‘Turkado’ but don’t want to drive all the way to Del Mar and worry about parking, the deli in Scripps is a good alternative.
For those who have yet to lose their Board & Brew virginity, I highly recommend getting the ‘California Delight’, a sandwich on squaw bread with sprouts, cream cheese, turkey, mayo, tomato, sunflower seeds, and of course, the signature sauce. What if you’re a vegetarian? Don’t worry. The ‘veggie supreme’ is the sandwich for you.
Board & Brew is the ultimate spot to hit if you’re looking for quality food made by quality people.

Written by Chloe Heinz

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