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Review: “Warm Bodies”

Being a huge fan of zombies, I was thrilled when I first saw the trailer for “Warm Bodies.” At first, I thought it was about the life of a teenage zombie. But, as I soon found out, it was about much more than that.

I was extremely skeptical when I dove deeper into the plot of the movie. I mean what kind of zombie falls in love with a human? According to traditional zombie lore, zombies are nothing but mindless, meat-munching machines who have no conscious and no feelings. This movie completely defied all of these stereotypes and sort of brought about a new idea of zombie fiction.

As the movie began, the story of the main character, “R,” unfolds. He seems very upset with what his life has become, and longs to return back to the mortal life. The action of the movie was virtually non-existent until the middle of the movie when he met Julie, a mortal zombie slayer.

At this point the movie grabs your attention and, no matter how hard you try, you cannot look away from the screen. The acting throughout the movie was very convincing; zombies were accurately portrayed behaviorally and accommodated the diehard zombie fans such as myself.

The end of the movie didn’t disappoint, bringing about a heartwarming and thoughtful ending to an otherwise terribly sad film. It left the viewer hoping for a sequel, and sitting through the end of the credits in hopes of another clip.

All in all, I recommend the movie to anyone who favors both a gory and bloody horror film, and a breathtaking romantic comedy.

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