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IHOP’s breakfast undercooked and inedible

SIMPLE_FIT_%20Spinach_Mushroom_Tomato_OmeletteThis past week my fellow classmates and I went to IHOP for breakfast. I was expecting to have decent breakfast consisting of regular breakfast foods: coffee, eggs, and bacon.

I made the mistake of ordering a mushroom omelet with spinach which not only took thirty minutes to get to my table, but my coffee was cold. The mushrooms were greasy and wet and the egg was runny and cold. As I ate it, the omelet ranged in consistency in my mouth and the last thing that it resembled was, well,  an actual omelet. I am aware that IHOP is a chain restaurant, but I believe that even chain restaurants should produce decent food.

I paid ten dollars for an omelet that I am still not sure was edible. We arrived at IHOP at 7:15 that morning and we were one of the few people there so it was surprising to me that it took thirty minutes to get our food, which explains why both my coffee and meal were so cold.

While the waitress was very nice, the service was not up to par. I am a firm believer that a good breakfast is the perfect way to start the day and let’s just say that Friday did not start the day off on the right note.

For anyone who wants an affordable breakfast that tastes great, I don’t recommend IHOP. One would much rather eat at home or not eat at all, than consume their revolting food.

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