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Fiddler on the Roof Auditions

FiddlerPosterTwo weeks ago, auditions were held for the drama department’s new play, Fiddler on the Roof. Shortly afterwards, those who qualified during auditions were asked to return for callbacks.

“They [auditions] were on Thursday and callbacks were on Tuesday of the next week,” senior Cameron Panlasigui said.

Panlasigui, whose Fiddler audition was his first ever, describes the pressure that came with trying out for the play, especially after being called backed.

“Auditions were fun, but callbacks were stressful because you’re competing against other people who wanted to get the same part,” he said.

Part of the additional stress that was experienced during callbacks was due also to the different requirements that the judges wanted fulfilled, according to Panlasigui.

“For auditions you could sing whatever you wanted to and then you did a little dancing routine,” he said. “But in callbacks, we actually had to read script. We were acting, and they gave us a song that we had to sing and we learned it in a few minutes and had to sing it right there.”

Senior Alexis Park further, elaborates on the audition process.

“Everyone has to audition,” Park said. “You have to do a minute song and then we have dance auditions and then from there we get callbacks and then –it’s a week process- the next day we have callbacks.”

As of now the results of who is playing which role has been decided, and Park, who was originally called back to try for the roles of Golde, Hodel, and Yente, is among the few that were chosen.

Park was chosen to play grandma Tzeitel, and anticipates a lot of success for the upcoming play.

“It’s a really rewarding feeling,” she said. “It’s really exciting to be part of something that is going to be so amazing.”

Even those who weren’t chosen to be a part of the play, like Panlasigui, reviewed the experience of auditioning positively.

“It [the audition] was exciting,” Panlasigui said. “It felt good because it was my first time [auditioning] to know that I did pretty well.”

Rehearsals have already begun shortly after the production of the One Acts, with the first rehearsal having happened on January 31st.

“Our first rehearsal was yesterday [January 31st],” she said. “We did a read through and a lining and these happen every day after school and then we have Saturday rehearsals as well. It’s a huge time commitment.”

There are many exciting scenes to see, but “you’re going to have to come to see it [the play] to find out”, as Park said.

Written by David Pu

David Pu is currently a senior on the the MC Sun. He has been on staff for four years. As a freshman and sophomore he was a staff writer before becoming a page editor his junior year and then sports editor his senior year. He likes chinese food because chinese food is freaking awesome and maybe some McDonalds because it's economical. He loves press nights and the entire staff.