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Putting the best to the test

Every four years, the laziest loafers dedicate weeks  to lounging on the sofa as they cheer on their country’s fittest athletes, and this year, couch potatoes worldwide were more than impressed. Rio 2016 witnessed Olympian after Olympian make history as they broke world records, achieved firsts, and indubitably made their …

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The new Supernatural ?

It’s not breaking news that comic book superheroes have been a dominating trend in television and film as of late, seizing the crown from the fading vampire vs. werewolf craze. Among the top of these franchises is Marvel, which has been topping the charts with box office hits including X-men: …

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The Jungles of Panama; A Student and Her Church’s Trip to Central America

Despite our modern travel methods, where we can cross the world in less than a day, many locations remain secluded from us. Panama is the southernmost country in Central America, found on the isthmus connecting North and South America. “My church every year goes to a different Latin-speaking country and …

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