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Pro: Physical Discipline

It’s Friday night and you, as a parent, decide to take your four year old boy to the movies. He starts running up and down the aisles, disturbing others, and potentially hurting himself. What are you, as the parent, supposed to do? Do you Say “Hey Sammy, please stop. If …

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Plants vs. Zombies 2 Review B+

I think everyone can remember a few years back when there was so much hype over the game Plants vs. Zombies.  I mean, it was an awesome game, who would ever think of having plants go against zombies? Well, PopCap Games has recently released a Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s …

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Unnecessary Media Coverage

As a culture driven to find anything abnormal, we become so engrossed with the lives and crimes of others that we even have fervent debates over an alleged murder we’ve only heard of for two hours. All arguments based off the spewed facts from various media outlets; facts that they …

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Bombings in Boston raise questions of security

Lately, it seems as though the world is falling apart.  It’s hard to grasp the we live in a time where you can no longer feel safe at school, or in a movie theater, or even when you step outside. The horrendous tragedy that unfolded during the Boston Marathon may …

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Valentines Day: Its become commercial

Throughout the year we all celebrate many holidays each with its own reasons and meanings. Sadly often, a lot of these holidays have become commercialized. One of the “holidays” that has become most commercialized it Valentines day. This so called day of love is supposedly the day to shower the …

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Valentine’s Day: It’s more than just chocolate

As January comes to an end, more often than not, each store is lining their shelves with bright pink and red decorations. On TV,   commercials flaunting chocolate, roses, jewelry and romantic movies can be seen taking over the media, all in preparation for Valentine’s Day. This international celebration marks the …

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